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Author: Eva Stover
Among the dusty books neatly stacked on Grandpa's shelf
Was found an ancient Book, priceless and full of wealth.
I remember Grandpa smiling as he sat me on his knee.
And the loving way he handled the Good Book when he opened its pages to me.
The cover of that old Book was tattered and badly worn.
It's pages, turning yellow, were faded and somewhat torn.
Grandpa would read to me stories with a twinkle in his eye.
He said he was planting seed, precious seed, that would never die.
He taught me from the scriptures from the time that I was small,
And tested me at times to see if Scripture I could recall.
Then one day, I told Grandpa to put his old Book away.
I was grown up now, a man, and wanted to do things my own way.
That's when I left home and Grandpa far behind
To set out on the sea of life, not knowing what I would find.
The world outside of Grandpa's house felt cold like an empty shell.
I found myself on a twisted road that was leading me straight to Hell.
Hopelessly, I'd groped for light, although the light was dim.
My thoughts would return to Grandpa, and all the love I'd held for him.
One day, unexpectedly, Grandpa died in his sleep.
When I'd recieved the news from home, all I could do was weep.
I hurt so deep in my heart.  I only wished that I were there
To let him know I loved him and I'd always cared.
Later, I went to Grandpa's house to relive fond memories,
Recalling what he'd told me that one-day I would clearly see.
I found the shelf in Grandpa's room just as I'd remembered before,
And there on top of Grandpa's Book, I found something more.
A note that read, "Dear Grandson, I knew one day you'd come.
The pleasures of the world couldn't hold you, just like that prodigal son.
I'd trained you up in the way of the Lord; my faith in God never quit.
The Word I'd planted deep in your heart, I knew you'd never forget.
God promised me you'd return to the old ways in which you were taught.
Son, I've all of Hell in shambles because in prayer for you I've fought.
Now, take down my priceless Book and dust off its old worn cover.
A legacy for you I've left behind:  Eternal Life forever."
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