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Author: Anna Pelletier
We the people of the United States
Have a message of liberty to proclaim.
In order to form a more perfect union,
We emphasize our constitution:
America land of the free, home of the brave
Red, white, and blue, her flag proudly waves.
She's chased the wind and rode the sea
From the highest mountain to the lowest valley.
She's battle scarred but wears with pride
The marks of measure in exchange for life.
To those who fail to honor her plight
She'll seek you out - day and night.
Be warned for Old Glory is her dressing fair
And God is her strength beyond compare.
Faith is her foundation, her language - love
She's strong as a lion and soft as a dove.
She stands for justice and all that's right
Fifty stars she's earned in the fight.
Determined and able on silver tipped wings
Her children are united and freedom still rings.
Pity the soul without any faith
Pity the man who stands in her way
Red is the strain of blood from her past
White is symbolic of peace that will last
Blue is protection from both of her shores
She knows  the way, she's mapped her course
The colors together, red,white,and blue
They are AMERICA and they're coming for you!!!
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