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Auther: Unknown

Dear Lord,

I want to be humble--because YOU loved me.

I want to be strong--but only in THY strength.

I want to have courage--to live for the right.

I want to have knowledge--if it comes from THEE.

I want wisdom--that comes from THY word.

I want understanding--how else can I know THY word.

I want wealth--if it is the wealth of heaven.

I want to be a talebearer--to tell the story of THY LOVE.

I want to succeed--in serving THEE.

I want to travel--in the path THOU hast chosen.

I want to be a sower--to sow the seeds of THY TRUTH.

I want to be a pilot--to bring troubled over the stormy seas of life.

I want to be a medicine man--to prescribe HEAVEN'S medicine to sin-sick souls.

I want the gift of "tongues"--to speak HEAVEN'S language of LOVE.

I want to be faithful--how esle could I please THEE.

I want a third Hand--THY HAND in mine, to lead me lest I stray.

I want my feet to be properly shod--with THY GOSPEL of PEACE.

I want to be bound--not with chains of slavery, but with THY LOVE.

I want a manion--not on this earth,but in HEAVEN.

I want to be kind, especially to children--they are THY HEITAGE.

I want health--the health YOU give is the greatest wealth.

I want to be filled with THY SPIRIT--no other spirit will lead me to THY KINGDOM.
I want a wilderness experience--so that I can totally depend on THEE.

I want a mountaintop experience--so that I can be closer to THEE.

I want a valley experience--so that i can look up and behold THY GLORY.

I want a garden experience--so that I can smell the fragence of the "LILY of the VALLEY," the "ROSE of SHARON."

Only THOU canst help me live that kind of life.

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