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I stand and watch the golden sun slip quietly away,

The dusk falls all about me, this is the end of day.

A tiny, rippling little stream, a wooden bridge so small.

The chant of crickets fill the air, the iris stands so tall.

This I choose, an altar Lord, a quiet place to pray.

For those we love so far away, where there's no night, no day.

Courageous men and women facing battle over there.

Thou knowest their despair.

The days and nights since they've benn gone are long and lonely too.

You have them Lord, so let them know Thine own great love from You.

I pray for their safe keeping.  I ask for nothing more,

But that You hear this humble prayer above Your oceans' roar.

The night is come, I'll close my prayer for joyful peace again.

But through this war, I pray O'GOD, take care of them, Amen.
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